Who and What Is Box of Rain

"Ideas, valuable though they may be, are a dime-a-dozen in business... Insight is much rarer."
                —Phil Dusenberry

Box of Rain helps entrepreneurs dream the dream:

  • We help individuals start new businesses or develop their next great idea.
  • We help new business startups choose the best vendors and put the right processes in place
  • We help business owners retain financial and physical control of their vendors and employees.

Box of Rain helps businesses find direction:

  • We assess businesses for efficiency, cost, management, technology, human resources, sales, finances, and potential areas of growth.
  • We help set up processes to reduce costs and stress on the business and the management.

Box of Rain helps business owners see clear through:

  • We help businesses initiate expansions or acquisitions.
  • We guide business owners in exploring potential avenues of growth and expansion.
  • We help individuals buy and sell businesses.

Why "Box of Rain"?
Think rainmaking. Think out of the box.

Box of Rain is Leonard Shostak, Mark Stone, Jean Gazis, and a board of expert advisers. To get in touch with us, call 212-937-7911, or use this site's Contact Form.