Life Coaching

Over my career, I’ve worked extensively with creative artists in a range of fields, as well as entrepreneurs and inventors, to develop business models that work for their individual needs and to empower them to achieve a better quality of life.

After a few people thanked me for providing “coaching on both business and life,” I began exploring that aspect of my practice. Looking back, I realized how much joy and satisfaction I got from that informal coaching.

That motivated me to study coaching—and, in February of 2020, I officially opened my life coaching practice. I’m proud to say that several of my business consulting / coaching clients became my first life coaching clients.

With a love for a wide spectrum of art forms and artists, my life coaching generally focuses on helping creative clients become more effective and successful in business. Working collaboratively, we explore the answers to questions like:

What matters most to you right now?

Where would you like your personal and/or professional life to go?

What is motivating—and demotivating—you?

What are your other limiting factors?

 With my support and encouragement, and by keeping you accountable, we’ll use that information to:

  • Identify connections and pathways for your journey to becoming your best creatively;
  • Design a detailed action plan to move you forward;
  • Build your confidence and ensure you handle the business side wisely, with minimal stress; and
  • Learn how to adopt a business mindset that doesn’t interfere with your creative process.

No matter what you want to change in life, the process is the same—and I can guide you through that process in manageable steps.

 Here are some of the areas of your life you’ll get coached on:

  • Finding your true passion or calling 
    • Making key decisions
    • Setting boundaries effectively
    • Communicating clearly
    • Making important life transitions
    • Setting and achieving goals 
  • Finding your ideal career/business 
    • Starting or growing a business 
    • Becoming an artist (musical, visual, performance)
    • Transitioning to a more fulfilling career 
    • Balancing work/business and personal life
  • Living the life you truly want
    • Improving self-esteem and confidence
    • Developing strategies for success
    • Creating momentum to get results
    • Cultivating support networks
    • Bringing more play, adventure, and creativity into your life
    • Identifying and breaking through blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs
    • Reaching your true potential


 Looking to discover your true self? To live your life more fully? Are you open to exploring new possibilities? To have things the way your heart truly wants them to be? 

Getting Your Feet Wet: 6 sessions/3 months
This renewable coaching package includes two sessions per month for three months. Following an initial one- or two-hour conversation, we have five more private sessions of one to one-and-a-half hours each, with email support between live sessions. 

Single Breakthrough Session
A powerful one-time breakthrough or discovery session of up to two hours is tailored to your needs, so we can help you: uncover specific challenges and personal or business obstacles; understand a difficult decision you have to make; or achieve clarity through all the constructs and chaos surrounding you.

One-Day Intensive
Our transformational six-hour one-on-one coaching session helps “get to the meat of the problem,” uncovering deeper issues and generating excitement around your decisions. Get support in bursting through those blocks that were created for whatever reasons, such as constructs that you learned, fears, and more.

Group Coaching
Join a group of peers with whom you can share your journey in a safe, supportive environment. 

Organizational Coaching
Designing customized programs for your organization is (not really) our middle name! 

If you want help identifying, achieving, and enjoying your desired path in life, contact Box of Rain to learn about the tools and accountability that have worked well for our clients.