3 Customer Service Tips Before You Launch Your Product

Thu, 10/15/2015 - 16:28 -- Leonard Shostak

Getting close to your product launch is exciting and nerve-racking. Teams work for months to get their product ready and when the time comes to launch, it is easy to overlook details before the launch. One important detail is how your team will handle the overwhelming number of customer inquiries once you launch.

Here are 3 quick customer service tips:

1. Curate a Comprehensive Information Base

Your team will inevitably face an overwhelming number of new requests, questions and feedback from customers each day from the moment you launch your product. In order to handle the huge amount of inquiries in a streamlined, yet personal way, allocate some time to curating a very comprehensive information base that is content-rich, informative and engaging. Landing pages, fliers, FAQs on your website are some of the common resources to create that will help you have your database of information about your product at your fingertips and ready to share with your customers.

2. Streamline Your Customer Responses

Another way to handle your communications with customers wisely is to set up canned responses that are still personal and engaging. This will save you a lot of valuable time while ensuring you provide consistent information to all your customers.

3. Equip Your Team with the Right Tools

Once you have content-rich resources with information and streamlined channels to communicate this information in a consistent and efficient manner, the next step is to equip your customer support team with the right tools for handling customer engagement. There are various online platforms and apps that elevate the overall customer engagement experience, such as Freshdesk and Help Scout, to name a few. Pick the one tool and/or software that meets your needs best.

Preparing to engage with and support your customers will boost your product launch and post-launch period by supporting your launch team with the right information, resources and tools that will wow your customers and turn them into a loyal base for your brand.