3 Tips to Propel Your Product Launch

Tue, 10/06/2015 - 21:39 -- Leonard Shostak

Launching a new product can be an overwhelming endeavor that requires a thoughtful selection of your product launch space, the right time and the appropriate crew to execute the launch. Here are three tips to help you propel your product launch in a successful direction.

1. Select the Right Location and Context

It is important to select a location that reflects the brand of your product. If you are launching a new phone app, selecting a tech incubator would be more appropriate than a fashion runway, which would be better for a product launch in the fashion industry. The location and context within which you introduce your product to your customers is key in representing your brand accordingly.

2. Hand Pick the Appropriate Team to Execute the Launch

Having a solid plan to launch your product is important but having the right team to execute the plan is even more so. Select carefully the right people to handle your marketing and advertising, your customer engagement during the launch, the organization and production of your launch day and all other matters involved in executing your product launch. Having the right people for each role is crucial in executing a solid product launch plan the right way.

3. Choose the Right Timing to Launch

The timing for a product launch is one of the most important factors determining the success of the launch. Launching too late or too early can have a negative impact on the product launch. Thus, having the right people to help you determine the best timing for your product launch is key.

Selecting the right location, context, team and timing are all important aspects in steering a product launch in the right direction. Getting even one of these aspects wrong can have a negative impact on the overall product launch.