4 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Product Launch

  • Posted on: 7 July 2015
  • By: Leonard Shostak

Creating a buzz around your product launch requires artful combining of marketing strategies, the right content about your product, and proper timing—all at the same time. There are several ways to go about this. Here are some steps to building a buzz for your product launch.

Focus More on Your Customers Than on Your Product

The design, functionality, and features of your product are all important aspects to highlight as customers are now more sophisticated in making their purchasing decisions. However, all this information could be easily shared and made available on landing pages or product websites, as well as in blogs written by product reviewers and supporters. What helps create an actual buzz around your launch are not all these details, which is not to say they are not important to the customer. It is the connection of the product to the consumer, however, that builds the buzz as well as how the product actually solves the customer’s pain points. Highlight what the product does for the consumer to meet their needs and address their challenges instead of simply describing product functionality and features. What creates the buzz is what the product would actually do for the consumer to alleviate daily challenges and/or meet key needs.

Attract Key Influencers to Talk about Your Product

There are bloggers and subject experts who love writing about products and highlighting what the products mean to them, or how products could revolutionize entire industries. Get these early supporters on board to share exciting content about your product. Key influencers can easily create more buzz due to the huge followings they have, and most importantly, due to their authority on product subject matters.

Take Pre-Orders

Many customers would like to get their hands on the very first product the moment it is released. Taking pre-orders adds to the initial excitement of customers and adds to the buzz before the product is officially launched. Customers are more thrilled knowing that they will be among the very first to experience the product.

Extend the Suspense for as Long as Possible

When releasing a new product to market, you don’t have to share every single detail about it. Releasing very few pieces of information and doing so incrementally will maintain the customers’ curiosity for much longer and add to their suspense and the buzz around your product launch.

There is no right or wrong way to create buzz around your product launch. As long as you select the right content, put the right people behind the launch, and you nail the timing of sharing information about your product, you will be able to build and maintain buzz around its launch.