Advertising at Your Fingertips

  • Posted on: 16 October 2018
  • By: Leonard Shostak

Advertising for entrepreneurs can come at a high cost. Learning to do it ourselves can be our best option as entrepreneurs. The type of advertising will also depend on the type of business. Many self-promoting ideas can be better suited for different types of business, many can also be combined. Keep in mind that there are also non-traditional advertising techniques.

The most popular form of advertising is networking. Any business can profit from joining related organizations, attending trade shows, industry associations and local networking events. It’s important to be prepared with a professional business card and prepare a catchy and short description about your business (an "elevator pitch"). Keep in mind to manage these contacts and follow up to effectively reach out. What good are these contacts without ever reaching out to them?

Direct mail or email to target your hot prospects is the next step to promote yourself/products/services. Update your contacts with related news or offers to open sources of revenue. Keep your contact information updated and making sure that your business is on the internet, this will also make it easier for your customers and prospects to find you. Your website can serve as a way to capture emails to grow your database. In addition to your website, maximize your online presence through Facebook, Twitter, and all other popular social media.

Participation through online events has become more popular. It’s a great way to engage a community as we offer something beneficial in return. Building a connection with the community demonstrates value and builds stronger connections and with customers who are more likely to want to buy and share information.