Change Is Hard—For Nations and People

  • Posted on: 26 December 2020
  • By: Leonard Shostak

With everything that’s happening in this country now, there’s a good chance America will be fundamentally changed. Some politicians want to take us back to a time that was not equal, was not just, and was not fun—all because a bunch of white men are afraid of change.

Change is the fundamental thing that I’ve been working on with my clients. And they’ve been talking to friends about change, and a lot of people are god-damn afraid of change!

Some white men see things changing, and they’re afraid of having people that don’t look like them and don’t smell like them take control and be in charge. But what I’ve seen is that when more women become powerful, and more diversity happens, we end up having a better environment and a better experience.

That’s why I, Hardy Brooklyn, am going to start to add to my blogs, my newsletters—and pretty much most of my communication—my opinions on how we can change for the better as a society as well as working through change as individuals.

The first thing that we need to change and correct is education, which politicians and religious zealots have destroyed. Neither major political party has done the education system in America any justice. If they did, we’d have a much more informed, better educated population. In my lifetime, we have gone from aspiring to be the most educated population to being spoon-fed our lives without any thought. If we continued to value critical thinking, civics, and education, we would be in a much better place in the world today.

We now have yet another right-wing justice on the Supreme Court, that roots her beliefs in a religion, not reality, and picks and chooses what part of her religion she believes in—as long as it keeps the white man in control— and not the part about "do unto others as you want done to yourself," or that all people are equal no matter what your color or religion they are. We are now at a place where the majority of the justices will support private school voucher systems and destroying our educational system by moving the money back to the church and the wealthy. Those who are not privileged may still have the right to vote, but not the right to know or understand what they’re voting for, or the ramifications of what they’re voting for. Take Covid for example, in the recent election those who will lose the most in quality of life, health, and freedom mostly voted for the candidates who will take those things away from them.

One thing we need to work on is civics and education. Let's call out the media companies to take the lead, since our politicians won't. Media companies stand to make more money because the more educated society is, the wealthier they are. So why the dumbing down of America?

We’re making things worse by the way that we’re acting, because we don’t care about our population. We’d rather just blame somebody else than deal with the situation, whether it’s education, or the continuing pandemic, or the fact that Black lives matter. We need to start to vote into office more politicians who care about education and civics and are more representative of our population and our values.