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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, corporate executive, or a corporate executive who yearns to be an entrepreneur, Box of Rain can help. How can we be so sure? Because we have been doing so for years (and years) (and years) as individuals and as a team.

That’s why the Box of Rain team’s seasoned professionals always start with exploring who you are. Not your business or career or personal pursuits. You. We’ll guide you through answering (non-rhetorical) questions like:

Who are you? (How about when no one else is looking?!)

What are your hopes and dreams? (Versus what you’ve been pretending they are…)

What’s keeping you from achieving them—or recognizing yourself after you have?

What are—and how can we get past—the barriers on your obstacle course?

With a combined 150 years of life experience, we’ve helped a wide range of clients across industry achieve greater success.

Individuals, small businesses, large global corporations. Individuals in large global corporations who want to start a small business. You get the picture.

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Applying our decades of experience providing business and technology consulting services, Box of Rain helps clients overcome roadblocks in business and life.

A lot of business people are sold certain systems—many great, state-of-the-art systems—because that’s what the consultant knows. But, often, it isn’t what they really need or can afford—or it just isn’t the best fit.

Before recommending any solutions, we’ll make sure it’s the best fit for your life, for your business, and for your budget. 

Whether deemed to be “consulting,” “coaching,” or “advising,” by their very nature, each and every project includes an element of all three.

And that, right there, is the guiding principle behind our own tremendous drive and passion for helping clients—and why we hope you will contact us.

If you want help identifying and pursuing your unique path, contact us  to learn about the guidance, support, and accountability we provide.