Developing Your Personal Brand

  • Posted on: 25 September 2018
  • By: Leonard Shostak

Keep in mind that self-promotion is a leadership skill and it is one worth having. It’s a benefit that every one of us can learn. It’s also an added bonus in our personal and professional lives. We can use it to enhance our credibility as we look to align ourselves with similar initiatives. As we self-promote, we gain more access to networks, people and overall business. We are seen as people who add value.

Here are some ways that we can self-promote ourselves:

  • Start by building your own professional portfolio. There is nothing like letting others know your accomplishments.
  • Build meaningful relationships and be yourself. Be honest and genuine. People feel safe and are drawn to people they can trust.
  • Respond and engage online and in person. It’s important to respond to people let them know that you're listening. "You're more likely to be heard by listening than talking.”

Don’t underestimate your talent and passion. Promote something that you have a passion for; people are drawn to people who speak with passion about what they do and think. While promoting your best talents, not everyone succeeds but those who really have a passion stand out.
Do the hard work to really make yourself different. Let this passion be your motivation and always believe that the “glass is half-full.”