Downtime Is a Great Time to Think

  • Posted on: 26 February 2021
  • By: Leonard Shostak

Recently, I’ve had a lot of time to think about my true passion and what I enjoy doing. Since the beginning of November, I’ve had foot surgery, hip replacement surgery and got accosted in a subway station. Between recovering from all that and the ongoing Covid shutdown, I felt like my mind was in a cloud. When I tried to read, think about, or do anything, I got tired quickly. Everything seemed to operate in slow motion, which gave me time to be introspective and self-reflective and think about life with what appeared to be clarity.

I thought about what I liked about my past and current jobs and other undertakings. Giving people information to help them have a more positive, happy life is what I like best, whether it’s one-on-one consulting, coaching, or presenting to a group. In fact, I like coaching a lot more than consulting, but there is a place for combining both approaches when neither of them alone gives the client a complete solution.

I also thought about the Zooms and webinars that I’ve done since Covid began and the in-person presentations I gave before that. I do really like bringing curated information to people. And I’ve been doing that by expanding my relationships to present multiple podcasts and workshops with different people and audiences. Some of my current projects are:

Producing and co-hosting the Free & Open Mind video podcast with Miss Michelle, about living your true self.
Co-hosting the Tripover Radio show, which brings offbeat news to the urban community in a fun way.
Co-producing and co-hosting the new Lounging & Learning workshop series about getting more pleasure in your life with coach Enchantress Shane and different expert guests every month.
Producing and hosting My Body, My Soul, My Self, My Space, and My Mind, my monthly webinar series on boundaries and consent for Dating Kinky.
Co-hosting weekly “Practice Pods” professional development workshops for coaches.

We’re all doing our best in spite of my surgeries, Michelle’s health issues, and all of the Covid stuff, like guests canceling at the last minute because they have to quarantine. We’re going to be back with new Free & Open Mind episodes soon—probably in the next couple of weeks—with more viewing options. We’ll be lining up in-person guests as more people get vaccinated and the numbers start going down instead of up.

Here’s where you can see new episodes of my current projects:

My next Dating Kinky workshop will be on March 8. In honor of International Women’s Day, I’ll be talking about when and how to revoke consent to protect yourself. You can watch live with a free account, and paid members can also access the recorded webinars.
The next Lounging & Learning Zoom is coming up on March 11. It’s free to view on Twitch; if you want to participate, you can get tickets on EventBrite. (We do offer a limited number of free tickets, but they go fast!) Coming soon, it will also be available to my Patreon supporters.
You can watch The Free & Open Mind on my YouTube channel any time—please subscribe!

And of course, I’m coaching clients, making guest appearances on other platforms, and working on new partnerships, future projects and my own professional development. One fun new project in the works started when some street performers reached out to me recently. We’re hoping to partner with Glinda the Good Bus to bring live entertainment to different neighborhoods around New York City with short, pop-up performances. (Some of these select performances will be ticketed, but most will just be asking for tips for the performers.)

Thank you for your continued support. If anybody has a good idea for a new Hardy Brooklyn partnership to help bring positive social change, please let me know. I’m always looking to work with positive people who are looking to help everyone live their true authentic self without fear.