Finding a Competitive Edge with Tools

  • Posted on: 24 November 2017
  • By: Leonard Shostak

Businesses are looking for a competitive edge to stand out against the competition. What better way than to use tools that can do everything for you. Time is of the essence; being able to accomplish more tasks
in less time is what we all long for. The results are lower cost and bigger profits.

These tools can involve everything from tracking your workflow/hours, to billing, to offering customer support, and much more. According to Shopify’s blog the list of the most popular and useful tools in the market are:

  1. Evernote—Perfect software for anyone who needs to keep track of things in any medium.
  2. 1Password—The best way to create a strong, secure password for every website you visit.
  3. Dropbox—Cloud storage app for business. Great for all entrepreneurs.
  4. Toggl—Free time tracking tool that's simple to use.
  5. Mod Notebooks—A paper notebook that syncs to the cloud.
  6. Zendesk—Software that makes your life easier when dealing with every aspect of customer support.
  7. Freshdesk—Offers a solution for customer support requests as well as online helpdesks.
  8. Uservoice—Product Management & Customer Support Software to help companies build better products and support their users.
  9. Clickdesk—Online live chat software that combines chat and support desks.
  10. Upwork—One of the best online solutions for hiring freelancers.
  11. Fiverr —Find anything you need, starting at just $5.
  12. Clarity—Schedule a call with influencers and experts in your market.
  13. Gigster—Hire a quality developer for your project in less than five minutes.
  14. Additionally, email sites like Gmail offer a one-stop-shop for business owners. Businesses are able to build a company intranet very easily through the use of a variety of customizable templates, create web apps or mobile apps, manage calendars, have access to your information from any phone or computer and much more.