Getting Ready for 2021!

  • Posted on: 27 December 2020
  • By: Leonard Shostak

As we approach the end of the miraculous year of 2020, we've had lots and lots and lots of highs and lots and lots and lots of words. It was a roller coaster for everyone on the planet and me. Yet at the end of the year, we have a lot to be thankful for. I am still here. My friends and family mostly are still here and have survived the pandemic so far. We have some new leadership that appears to be taking us in the right direction and caring about us. We have lots of advances in science and medicine, lots of ways to treat the pandemic virus. We have flying cars that are becoming legal around the world! Who woulda thunk in my life, a flying car? No more traffic, just a vertical Smash. As the new year comes upon us, and I continue my journey as a coach, a model, a speaker, and an all-around positive person for society, I'm noticing that people are starting to appreciate the little things a lot more. That being said, maybe my values have changed and the people around me have changed to appreciate the little things a little more. But I'm going to hold to a higher standard. After everybody's been through what we've been through. we've been reset a little bit. We're going to be happier people, because we're going to appreciate what we have. And hopefully we will be less competitive with what our neighbor has.

I'm optimistic about 2021 and the future. I think that the world has made great strides. I know it's going to be a rough, rocky road. But in the end, I am confident that I will live to see another 10 years on this planet, hopefully. I plan on doing a couple of new things in 2021. I'm going to start giving TED-type talks and informational talks on things in the coaching industry, around life coaching and around living life. Some of them will be just statements on society based on research that I've done on a topic that interests me. I'm going to continue my Free and Open Mind video podcast with Miss Michelle. We'll be talking with amazing people who've gone through the journey to live their true selves, or just gone through a journey and gotten out the other side and they're still working through it and want to talk about it. I'm also going to bring on lots and lots of artists, as I develop the ability to have remote interviews and we're allowed to meet in person again. I'm also working on doing some other things like physical therapy videos with a physical therapist, for his clients and the general population. I'll be the PT demonstration model—or should I say victim, since I'm so flexible? Stay tuned! Please reach out and say hi—I hope you will. Let me know what you're up to and let's brainstorm how we can help promote you.

And also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can get there by going to Click on any of the podcast episodes to play them, and you'll have a subscribe via YouTube button there for you. Or just use the link in this newsletter.

I wish everybody a happy and healthy holiday season. I know this newsletter is getting out after some holidays and before some others, but I don't know if I'm going to have a chance to get another newsletter out before January 1, 2021. So thank you all for supporting me and believing in me! I look forward to making 2021 a happy and exciting year.