New Year, New Business Habits!

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 13:44 -- Leonard Shostak

With 2017 just getting going, it’s important to focus on attainable goals and begin the New Year with new goals and habits in place by transforming our ideas into realities. Whether you're looking to grow your business or taking a leap with a new start-up, reflect on your business progress over the past year and research how comparable successful businesses have developed. Take into account your own strengths and weaknesses. The most successful businesses outsource business coaching. Business coaches are able to see what is missing and accurately identify blind spots. They are trained to help individuals and businesses grow.

A business coach works with you on key ideas to practice for business success. These include:

  1. Learning how to delegate. There are too many things to do when running a small business or starting one. It’s all too easy to delude ourselves that we can do them all. This lack of delegation can lead to exhaustion and lack of creativity. Having a work-life balance is the key to running a successful business in the long term. Using a business coach to see the bigger picture and keep on top of the details can help increase productivity and make the most use of what resources are available.
  2. Goal-setting is a very valuable habit. Set achievable goals rather than unrealistic goals that can lead to frustration. If you are having trouble setting goals, a business coach can help you create a formula to help you in the process. One popular formula is the "SMART" goal=Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.
  3. Staying present is essential to success. As humans it is only natural to try to think ahead of what needs to be done and attempt to do it all on our own. Many times we focus on the less important things and are unable to maximize our time or even rest; therefore we are unable to think clearly. There is never a better time than the present to stop and take in what is going on around us in order to clearly think of the best outcome.
  4. Saying “NO” is key to shifting a business to a higher level. The question is; does this work take away from what needs to be done to grow our business? We can solve these issues by looking at our time and budget to properly analyze if it’s a profitable move. A business coach can assist by helping us analyze the issues and teach us how to best handle similar situations in the future.
  5. Taking time off is an issue with many business owners. We tend to make ourselves slaves of our business. Taking time away will help us disconnect and think more clearly. A coach can help us put tools in place that will keep business flowing even if we are not in the office.
  6. Marketing your business effectively is key to success. How will you make a change for next year? Enlisting the help of a business coach with marketing expertise will enable growth.
  7. Making business planning a weekly event is simply vital to growing a healthy business. Reviewing what works and what has not worked will guarantee a better outcome. This will also allow for better planning and avoid costly mistakes.
  8. Learning something new on a regular basis will add to your skills and increase your business success, while helping achieve a healthier work-life balance.

The act of setting new goals and resolutions permeates everyday culture during the year-end holiday season and into the new year. As a start-up or existing business, make sure your goals address the entire business entity. Setting ambitious but realistic goals will give you something to strive for and allow you to measure your progress against a benchmark. Giving your goals specific timeframes will help you keep on task and allow for changes to take place.