Promoting an Art Event Can Be Stressful

  • Posted on: 10 July 2018
  • By: Leonard Shostak

The thought of promoting an art event can be a stressful thought to any artist. Social media has taken over our world and yet we find ourselves unsure of how to properly market an event. As we educate ourselves we discover that the key to marketing our artistic events is in understanding our clients as well as using marketing tools to create a buzz.

To begin we need to understand:

  1. Style– What are your buyers looking for? Keep in mind that we all have something unique to offer. Keep an eye open for galleries/art room/magazines/events that have your same style of art/values.
  2. Medium– As you develop as an artist you find yourself being drawn to specific art. Your childhood and your surroundings will help you develop that style/medium. Each of us has our unique style.
  3. Purpose– Find out what it is that your art does. Keep in mind that Art always has a purpose.

What does it do for you?