The Value of Coaching—Even for a Coach!

  • Posted on: 1 November 2020
  • By: Leonard Shostak

As the pandemic continues on with little end in sight, I reflect back to times before the dysfunctional present. In that world, I was able to deal with and cope with most of life's situations on my own. Now that we have moved to a new time in society, essentially moving backward, I felt that I needed support to deal with the pains in my body that started getting worse. I wanted support that was not rooted in a misguided medical system, as the techniques for dealing with the pain that it gave me were not effective.

As a coach, I've been working with folks who are going through all sorts of changes and realized that it would be good for me to work with a coach for my own pain as well. I started working with a fellow coach who specializes in pain, Lesa Weislogel. I've been working with Lesa for a few weeks now and am more convinced that, even as a coach, it is good to have another person ask you the questions that help you get to the root of the problem. Having someone to talk to about the issues without judgment and asking you questions to help to get to the root of issues sometimes allows there to be deeper insight and an additional point of view.


It has been a good experience working with a coach and I've learned how the techniques that I use to help my clients work through change and discover their true, authentic self are perceived from the client's point of view. Through this process, I've learned that things that I thought I had worked through and were no longer an issue for me, had just taken a different form. I was aware when they came on or were triggered, and they no longer triggered an angry or argumentative response. Instead it created tightness and holding on in injured parts of my body, making them worse. I've been able to be more aware after working with Lesa. She has taught me how sometimes we carry hurtful emotions or traumas that can get trapped in our bodies and present themselves in painful ways. Learning to listen to what the pain is telling us in a loving and compassionate way is extremely helpful in releasing it. She has worked with me on techniques which, through mindset and releasing emotions, have helped me love my painful body. And that has started to bring a shift in my energy and quality of life. It has been a very positive experience working with Lesa: so much so that I now have other coaches for other areas of my life where I need some improvement.

Here's a little more about Lesa:

Lesa is a Releasing Pain Coach. It is her passion to help other people who experience chronic pain find healthy ways to cope, minimize, and even eliminate pain. Her journey began 22 years ago, when her 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed with an incurable, painful disease. It broke her heart to watch her daughter struggle with even the simplest tasks, such as walking. She constantly looked for and was disappointed by the lack of emotional support for both her daughter and herself as a caregiver. Even worse, Lesa began to show similar symptoms and was diagnosed with the same painful disease four years ago. Once again, she could not find the emotional support she sought. Knowing that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of other people who live with chronic pain, she began to research pain-relieving techniques and find ways to support others. Lesa has learned that listening to what the pain is telling us in a loving and compassionate way is extremely helpful in releasing it. Through mindset and techniques to help release emotion, as well as nutrition and teaching gentle ways to move the body, she helps people re-learn how to love their painful bodies, which will bring a shift in their energy—and their entire life. To find out more about working through your pain with Lesa, email her or visit her Facebook page.