Why do we ignore the pain and modify our belief system ?

  • Posted on: 13 December 2020
  • By: Leonard Shostak

My coaching and self realization/improvement journey continues through the pandemic, along with all the change  that is going on around the world and all 2020 has to offer. I am going through the healing process after foot surgery to correct the fact that whenever I stepped down it felt like I was being stabbed in the bottom of each foot.  So for the past few weeks, I was stuck at home, even more restricted than the existing lockdown, keeping my foot above my heart. Unfortunately, it was difficult to do much of anything aside from binge-watching videos and trying to read during all of the negative Covid energy and conflicting society craziness. It made me  think back to how long I lived with pain in different parts of my body. Mentally I was able to affect the pain physically by believing that being my true self would make it go away, and there were many times when I was able to completely ignore the pain for a while. The pain was real, yet my mind was able to disconnect from it when I was doing my passion and being my true self. Yet it was still affecting my body, and highlighting my negative/loss-of-faith vibrations. Through the pandemic there have been a few glimmers of positive reinforcement: the incredible number of people that voted in the election,  the support for the BLM cause and how it continues. That pain is something that this country has been living with for a very long time, and we as a nation were able to tell ourselves it was not there and ignore it and  act like it was not an issue. While lying there recovering, reading/watching  the news, self- improvement books, podcasts, and blogs, I could see how much of what we do as Americans is to modify our belief system to fit what we feel makes us happy and what our cultural constructs tell us is happiness. This is all  done based little on science or fact. This made me think why do so many Americans have medical issues that are related to the mind connection, the amount of books written on this, the amount of time it took me to work through the mind-body pain connection.  Lo and behold, I am still working through how emotions and the environment around me affects my physical body and mental state. It is so hard , and we are conditioned by our culture to resist change,  creating more opportunity for pain when we experience change or when we try to create positive changes in our lives. The fact that so many folks voted for change, and continue to support BLM is a good sign.  It gives me hope that maybe more people will support change as we move forward.