Consulting Services

Box of Rain provides services for all phases of the business lifecycle.

Conceptual Phase

  • Determine need for capital, determine timelines, analyze use of funds, project future capital needs and valuation drivers, and investigate key value drivers at possible exit
  • Define and implement business development goals and strategy and execute deals
  • Research markets and product/brand differentiation and positioning
  • Analyze Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats (SWOT analysis)
  • Develop methods for tracking competitors and markets

Startup Phase

  • Build a sales strategy including channel selection, sales processes, sales force development, alignment with revenue targets, funnel strategies, pipeline, and forecasting
  • Review financials to confirm or challenge assumptions and estimates, make sure numbers make sense, and ensure alignment with company goals
  • Work with management team to review plans, milestones, fund-raising strategy, pitch presentations during venture capital (VC) fund raising

Growth Phase

  • Determine revenue and growth goals, and help set actionable plans to achieve goals
  • Work with product development teams to ensure development is in alignment with marketing
  • Review project plans focusing on prioritization, alignment to goals/objectives, and accuracy

Mature Phase

  • Perform company diligence and investigation
  • Assist with business valuation and sale of business